Alu-Grind Spray For Aluminium Grinding and Sanding

Alu-Grind Spray - Aluminium Grinding Aid 
Alu-Grind Spray - Aluminium Grinding Aid 
Applying Alu-Grind to a Sanding Disc For Aluminium Grinding 

Applications: Spray directly onto the sanding disc or abrasive belt before grinding or sanding aluminium or softer aluminium alloys. It helps resist loading, gives cooler grinding and extends disc life. This combines to achieve better surface finishes faster.

Product Notes: For industrial use - see instructions before use. Can size 400ml. Re-apply regularly to re-coat the sanding disc. Non-greasy, so no need to de-grease after use. Makes grinding more effective and helps achieve finer finishes by resisting loaded high spots on the disc or belt. Also highly effective on other soft non-ferrous metals such as copper and brass.

Also Available: We supply a full range of resin fibre sanding discs, which will give great aluminium grinding performance with Al-Grind.


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