Spirabands: Zirconium

Zirconium spirabands 
Zirconium spirabands 
Mandrel for spirabands 
Spirabands are highly effective at sanding internal surfaces. 

Applications:  Designed for stainless steel and hard metal applications, zirconium spirabands are just as effective at grinding and shaping awkward areas on other metals such as mild steel, wood and plastics (using a lower speed). Also referred to a drum sanding bands, spirabands are used on rubber drum shaped expanding mandrels mounted on a 6mm spindle. They are most commonly used on die-grinders, but are also highly effective on drills.

Product Notes:  Available from 10mm to 60mm diameter enabling easy access combined with good stock removal to recesses and shapes.  On stainless steel use 40-60 grit for grinding and shaping, 60 - 80 grit for deburring, and pre-finishing and 120 grit for light deburring work and finishing. The zirconium abrasive will far outlast aluminium oxide abrasive equivalents.

Sizes listed as 25mm and 50mm diameter are actually imperial 1" and 2" respectively and fit the 1" and 2" holders.

Size Options (Dia x length): 10x20mm, 15x30mm, 22x20mm, 25.4x25.4mm, 30x30mm, 45x30mm, 51x25mm, 60x30mm

Grades: 40, 60, 80, 120

Also Available:  We stock Spiraband holders for our range of spirabands. If you are looking for longer bobbin sander sleeves, we also stock as wide range of these. Bobbin sander sleeves

Kits: We also offer starter kits which include sizes 10x20mm and 25.4x25.4mm with 20 each in grades 40, 60 and 120, as well as the holders all in a handy partition case.

Purchasing: Prices and easy purchasing facilities are available on our Abrasives World website.

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