Cibo Rapid Combi-Discs Available Here

RCD on stainless steel Rapid Combi Disc, RCD


The disc that changed the way TIG welds are removed from stainless steel.  The Rapid Combi Disc will:

1.  Remove and blend the weld

2.  Leave a fine satin brushed finish without putting any flat spots into the tube. Easy and fast!

Rapid Combi Discs available here with a discount for just one pack.



Stainless Steel Finishingwith the Cibo Time Saving Kits

Cibo Metal Polishing Kit Stainless Steel Box Section TIG Weld RemovalBrushed Finished Stainless Steel Box Section

                             Before              After

Cibo Metal Finishing KitStainless Steel Tube Weld RemovalStainless Steel Polished Tube


A range of kits containing products, easy to follow instructions and videos showing how to finish and polish stainless steel flat surfaces, mitre corners, internal and external angles of tube and box section. Look at the Cibo Time Saving Kits for more information.

FiniTube - The Best Tube Finishing Machine

Finitube MachineStainless Steel Polished With a Finitube

Need to finish railing, tubing or pipework? Then get the best machine on the market. Finitube has great slow speed torque characteristics for polishing, does upto 270 degrees in one sweep and copes easily with curves. Kit comes complete with metal tool box and full starter set of belts. Price shown for 230volts. 110volt option available.

£880.65 Buy

Abrasive Belts For Almost Any Machine

We hold an extensive range of standard stock belts which you can see at the following link:  See our standard belt range here.

In addition we can supply any belt size you require made to order.  From large wide belt sanders for graining to the smallest powerfile or sleeve.  Please give us a call.




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Working on stainless?

Use the Inoxi-Grinder

The world's first stainless steel grinder will halve your abrasive costs.

SMIG Inoxi-Grinder The angle grinder for use on stainless steel

Amazing Prices On Premium Flap Discs

High quality flap discs made in W Europe